The Spar chain

SPAR, The History

SPAR settled in Portugal in the 90s, and started the 1st store in 1997, counting today with 109 stores around the country.

SPAR was founded in 1932 by Adrian van Well in Holland, as DESPAR, which is the acronym of the slogan "Door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmatig", which means “All shall benefit of a strong cooperation”.

That was a chain whose goal was to assure a cooperation between independent retailers and gressoers was born, as a response to the growing of supermarket chains across Europe. Adrian van Well chose as a symbel to identify his chain spruce tree, which means SPAR in Dutch, and te symble still stands till today as the logo of the company.

The internationalization of SPAR

SPAR continued to develop in Holland during the 30s, and in 1947 started its expansion in Europe, branching into Belgium. In the 40s the name was shortened from DESPAR to SPAR, and in the 50s there was a fast expansion in Europe, being present in nine other countries.

In 1955, at the first crongress of SPAR International it was decided that SPAR would become a world wide organization.

In the next 20 years SPAR continued to grow in Europe, but also in Africa and Asia. During this period SPAR expanded towards a total of 14 countries in three continents.

A significative development regarding the marketing was done and the presetn logo of the company was introduced in 1968.

Between 1980 and 1999 SPAR continued to grow and expand, reaching 21 countries in 1999.

Since 2000 SPAR retailers and grossers started to be present in countries of bigger development like Australia, China, Russia and Middel East.

The growing success of SPAR in the countries where the company is present and the showing of interest by new countries is the evidence of the business model of SPAR in the modern food retail.

SPAR International in Holland works as a platform for exchanging ideas and information between the 33 countries where the SPAR brand is present. This goal of SPAR International can be seen as a mission whi is capable if insuring that SPAR continues to be one of the biggest supermarket chain in the world and it helps to consolidate SPAR as a global brand.

To accomplish these two goals we used as our main strengh the partnership between the acceding retailers and grossers at a local, national and international level. To support this cooperation, SPAR International provides to its members the exchange and know-how in the development of projects, store management, in the development of its own brand and in the implementation of marketing projects. Besides these aspects, there are also annual congresses in several areas.

To support this mission of SPAR International, six winning strategies were defined, all of which encompasses all the intervinients that help with the success of the company. Each strategy has an important role in the value creation of the SPAR brand and the combination of all ensures a sustaining growth to the SPAR business in the future.

Value Generation

The goal is to have an aggressive price policy throughout a strong promotional plan, a wide brand and a permanent discount policy.

The expansion of the brand

The development and the expansion of the store portfolio is essential for teh international presence of the brand in all the markets with potential growth.

Development of the SPAR store layout

The multi-layout strategy that describes SPAR has provided growth and an increase of the market share. SPAR International will continues to innovate in the layout and design of the stores to ensure that the best international standards are implemented in all stores.

Improve the eficiency of operations

To ensure a high eficiency level and offer to its customers a better value, all the countires where SPAR is present invest and develop their distribuition centers, making them more eficient and ensuring the maximum operational eficiency at minimum cost, in the food retail logistics.

Sustainable growth

Sustentability is a key factor for SPAR all around the world. This is an aspect that is no longer theoretical, but practical and recognized its importance towards all our customers.

Ensure the fundamental values maintenance

Sharing is the basis of the SPAR brand at all levels, being it local, national or international. The free exchange of knowledge and information is sustained by all our activities, which allows all our accedings to learn with their colleagues’ experience. The share of information is a competitive advantage of the SPAR brand and allows a faster imprementation of the fundamental values in all countries.

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