Products SPAR

Our own brand

At our stores we have around 1400 products of our own brand, in all of our product sections, we guarantee the variety and quality at competitive prices.

All these products represent to our customers a great opportunity of variety and range of products are choice.

We are proud to be direct partners with the quality that we want to offer to our customers. That being said, we present to you the SPAR brand, which gives you all the waranty of an excellent product at the best price.

All our products originate from other known market brands that offer innovation, and guarantee quality and trust.

Our range of products is submitted to strict quality controls, both by us as by independent parties to assure the high quality that we offer.

Also, that allows the customer to save money at the moment of purchase, but never without our compromise for quality.

Our suppliers

A big part of ours suppliers is national. We are talking about people that we meet personally and with whom we talk daily. The suppliers are selected by the quality of their products.

We look for long lasting partnerships, founded in transparency and trust. We see our relation like an alliance to improve the biological offer in our country.

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