Customer Card

We offer to our customers na exclusive card full of promotions and discounts.

Get to know here the SPAR customer card

How to get the SPAR card?

Getting it is so easy. Request it at your usual Lagos or Vila da Luz store the SPAR card and fill in with your personal data a membership form and immediately it will be given to you your card.


  1. The biggest advantage is the possiblity of getting 5% discount in all products.
  2. That discount can be accumulated several time during its validity date.
  3. Your diccounts will always be available at both stores.
  4. If you wish to receive it in another store, you can request the change at the cashiers.

I lost the SPAR card. What do I do?

In case of losing the card, you will have to request a second copy in your usual store, on request of a new form.

Usage guidelines

General regulations

  1. Any person over age, disregarding his/her nationality, if they have resideny in Portugal, can have it
  2. At the moment of accession you will be given a card that will make you a member of “SPAR card”. Which is a set that consists of a card and a customer number.
  3. It’s reserved to Successexpert, LDA – Supermercados SPAR, the right to canceling the “SPAR Card”, with a 3 month warning in advance and to change the general regulations and operation of the card.
  4. The cards are property os Successexpert, LDA – Supermercados SPAR, whom reserves the right of withdrawing any part of the set at any given moment. The holder is the trustee and user of the set, and the responsible for the correct usage of the card.
  5. The holder accepts to receive information of the program “SPAR card” and authorizes Successexpert, LDA – Supermercados SPAR to handle authomatically, in a file, the received data in the membership form and the data received by the card usage. The holder can exercise his/her right of access, rectification and cancelling of the received data on the file, as per the Law 67/98, of 26th October.

Operational regulations

  1. “SPAR card” can only be used in Lagos or Vila da Luz stores.
  2. Only the customers that present the “SPAR card” will have access to the discounts and awards. Customers that do no present it at the payment, lose the right on that purchase to the benefits of the card.
  3. In case of loss por deteriozation of the card, total or partial, if the holder wishes for a new set, it should be communicated at the store where he/she became a member and deliver the old cards.
  4. In case the customer does not use the card, after a year the holder will be withdrawn.
  • ATM

  • Cafe

  • Snack-bar

  • Esplanade/ Terrace

  • Stationary

  • Park